Ecine Al Rahbani
Zackie Al Rahbani
Chef-owner of the restaurant Sarab Ecine Al Rahbani  /  
Administrator-owner of the restaurant Sarab Zackie Al Rahbani


 -  Arabic cuisine
Cra. 52 # 85 - 51, Barranquilla
Lunch: open 7/7 days
Dinner: open 7/7 days

It is no surprise to find a strong proposal of Arabic cuisine in Barranquilla, and among them, Sarab is qualified as a true Lebanese icon in the city, paying an honest tribute to its roots. With over 15 years in operation, it is catered with love and rigor by its owners, Zackie, Ecine and Tony Al Rahbani, who have excelled in offering a traditional, delicate, and of course, homemade cuisine. Here, everything is delicious and the menu is extensive and varied, if you are unsure of what to order, these tradition bearers will guide you.

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