Franck Rojas
Alejandro Diaz
Chef of the restaurant Mahi Mahi Franck Rojas  /  
Food and beverage manager of the restaurant Mahi Mahi Alejandro Diaz

Mahi Mahi

 -  Seafood
Hotel Casablanca Av. Colombia # 3 - 59, San Andrés
Lunch: open 7/7 days
Dinner: open 7/7 days

Mahi Mahi is changing the staus quo for gastronomy on San Andres Island! In the remodeled Casablanca hotel, the space is modern with romantic lighting and a waterfront view. A refreshing menu of Thai dishes with Colombian touches is on offer that can be enjoyed on the terrace or inside the beautiful dining room. Where fresh fish and seafood are the focus of the menu, poultry and vegetarian dishes also bring a lot of flavor to the table. Warm and attentive service; the Casablanca's guarantee.

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